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New Sunflair - Our Favourite German Cup Fitting Swimwear Brand

New Sunflair - Our Favourite German Cup Fitting Swimwear Brand
By Helen 2 months ago No comments

Finally! Our prized German swimwear brand, Sunflair has arrived in Carla stores and we are totally in love with all the new fabulous prints and shapes that the new season brings.

Sunflair has once again WON the German award for the best selling Swimwear brand which makes 6 years in a row – and it shows with their supurb digital prints, quality of make and quick dry quality fabrics, ingenious ideas for adjustments and body shaping, ease of wear and supurb fit for a wide range of body shapes. Now that it is in store, we wanted to take some time to look at each individual piece and show you the differences and purpose of each with the vison of helping you to find the most perfect fit for your holidays or summer lifestyle.

Our favourite standout print this season is the BEACH PEACOCK. I think you’ll agree that it is stunning and really does stand out amongst the more commercial Australian brands.

Beach Peacock provides a range of intelligent shapes for us to be able to stylishly fit most women – It is a digital placement print and offers a stunning full D cup and E cup fitting tankini set (including full shaped pant), a stunning lightweight and wrinkle resistant cover up that is perfect for travelling – its easy to wash and wear, takes up almost no space in a suitcase and can be worn out in the evenings as a dress too!! Both shown below:

We also have a fantastic hidden underwire shape in a D and F Cup fittingsthat has an ingenious and simple way to cross the back straps without having to un-strap and fumble with hooks (shown above)

Beach Peacock also includes a beautifulchlorine resistant style that has stunning splicing, available in a D and E cup fitting and is available size 10 to size 18 as well as a mastectomy shape that offers great bust coverage for anyone - not just mastectomy customers. All our mastectomy shapes are in a regular cup fitting so if you are not a D+ fit, this is a perfect one for you!

Its also a great feature and great to note that all Sunflair are made from highly chlorine resistant fabrics – the "Darwin" Chlorine styles are the most chlorine resistant and are perfect for regular chlorinated pool or spa users.

Sunflair D - E Cup Chlorine Resistant Swimsuit With Beach Peacock Splicing And Soft Cups Sunflair D - E Cup Chlorine Resistant Swimsuit With Beach Peacock Splicing And Soft Cups Sunflair Beach Peacock Mastectomy Suitable Swimsuit Sunflair Beach Peacock Mastectomy Suitable Swimsuit

Our best selling gathered front shape is back and has had a makeover – the same great shapes are available in the black plain and the new Dark Green colour as well as the classic spot but there are also modern new twists on this great shape, now offered in the denim with stripes, the pearl placement print style and the black and white play on animal with small frills.

Sunflair F Cup Front Gathered Swimsuit With Soft CupsSunflair F Cup Front Gathered Swimsuit With Soft Cups

With the same customer in mind, the coloured stripes and black and white deep Vprint front one piece (also chlorine resistant) offer something new for this customer who may have purchased the same one year in and year out.

Without a doubt and always a best seller of ours, the gorgeous CHLORINE RESISTANT ‘DARWIN’ styles not only offer the regular pool or spa swimmer a long lasting swimsuit, they have great shaping for full cup fittings(these are E cups but we all know that they fit anywhere from a DD to an F or G). The underarm band and gathers makes this suit an exceptional fit. A very stylish way to work out in the pool or relax in your spa.

...and these shapes below are gorgeous for fuller cup fitting ladies who want something a little younger and more fun. The stunning black and white swimsuit and the navy and white swimsuit is a body contouring, slimming SHAPEWEAR SUIT designed to hold and flatter a woman’s body like a Miraclesuit would. The white floral suit has the great cross back option, underwires and a fresh new white based print! Perfect for olive skin tones and European travellers at this time of year!

Tankini Set is a relaxed fit and fantastic for the girl who wants to hide a tummy, have a relaxed look or have lots of space for a growing baby! It is a perfect MATERNITY SWIMSUIT! and comes with the matching pant. Also, don't forget this skirted shape for the conservative woman – beautiful wrap across front with superb bust support and a modesty skirt at the front – it almost looks like a tankini but with the body control of a supportive one piece. The gorgeous Black and White Tankini set below is available in both an E + G cup bra fittings, this stunning tankini set comes with full pant and UNDERWIRE SUPPORT – this is a definite buy for all you G cup bra fitting ladies!! ..and the zip front terry toweling cover up is an essential buy for the ladies who are doing pool aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy or lap swimming in this cold weather ...also great for the keen caravaners – its perfect to put on for the day and lounge around in.

DD, E, F and G cup bra fittings and look beautiful on the body. Here are a few below. The stunning black with coloured print has a conservative neckline and a splash of colour for the woman who loves a black silhouette but wants to wear colour. The simple and elegant CHLORINE RESISTANT 'D' cup shape has sporty red piping detail and is only $99 - great value for the ladies who like to buy a few styles and have variety for their pool days as well as a Stunning CHLORINE RESISTANT 'D' cup shape with double strap detail which doubles as a fashion piece. There is a simple and smatt gold piping and a great value tankini SET with full shape pants for only $119 each! Sizes 12E -20E!! Don't forget about the great swim skirt with the attached pant and tummy control for the ladies who like to cover up a little - they are also a great alternative to board shorts and are easy to wear all day long.

Carla Swimwear – there is more to us than meets the eye and SUNFLAIR is another one of our brands that makes us STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!

We talk about Sunflair with LOVE as we can be confident to assure you of its quality and comfort, quick drying properties and support – in the many, many years of selling sunflair we have only had less than a handful of returns. Be assured they are a stunning quality at an affordable price. See you soon at Carla Swimwear!