Why a Green Juice a Day is Amazing for your Health!

Green Juice

Here at Carla swimwear we love being healthy and keeping fit. We love a great juice to get us going each day. Juicing can become an addictive hobby, making fresh vegetable juice, green juices, elixirs and whatever wild juice recipes that comes to my mind can help with your overall health in so many ways.

To get you started on your juicing journey it’s best to start with spinach, swiss chard and lettuce. You can find a variety of lettuces in the supermarket and or farmers market. Some varieties are, oakleaf, coral, green leaf, cos etc. Avoid iceberg lettuce, they lack nutrients.

Once you have mastered your first few juice, its time to move on too apples, pears, citrus, pineapples, carrots, plums, berries kiwi, lemon, limes, stevia and more. When you are first starting out, feel free to add as much apples and pears to make it suitable to your taste. Over time your taste buds will adjust and you’ll find that you wont need to add a lot fruits. Fruits like apples and pears are low glycemic fruits and are great for Diabetics to sweeten their juices.

Make fresh and drink fresh, when you make your juice we like drink it right away; when a juice is exposed to light and oxygen nutrients begin to oxidize, and your zing will fade. Store your juice in an airtight container if you are not drinking it right. You should drink your juices within 24hrs of making your it.

Always remember at the start of making your juices, keep it simple. Start with a base of celery and or cucumber or coconut water. Select one type of leafy greens and sweeten with fruit. An example, cucumbers, apples and parsley. Very easy and refreshing.

If you find that you are hungry after drinking your juice, feel free to add a light meal after. You can combine your fresh juice with fruits or a large vegetable salad. Drink your juice first and follow with food 15-20 minutes after.

Green juices are perfect for diabetics. You can drink pure vegetable juices or you can sweeten with low glycemic fruits like green apples, green pears, limes & lemons. But always remember Carla Swimwear recommends  you consult your doctor before heading down juice pathway.