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New Luxurious lifestyle brand for the globally spirited woman

By Helen Nicola 9 months ago No comments

Set this summer apart with an injection of style from our newest summer swimwear partner, the ever luxurious, Milea.....

3 Things you can do today to get your body healthy

By Bikini Mum 11 months ago No comments

Here are our favourite things for you to get your body fit, strong and healthy this winter!

Holidaying with kids...we've got you covered with these awesome tips.

By Kiera 11 months ago No comments

Lets not pretend... getting away with the family can be stressful! We all imagine the perfect relaxing family holiday but sometimes reality can be much much different. If you take a minute to plan ahead and organise, you will no doubt have time to yourself to relax.

Hard to find mastectomy swimwear...We did this...

By Bikini Mum 1 years ago No comments

It is with super excitement that we introduce Amoena...geniuses when it comes to mastectomy swimwear....

Guilt Free Pizza! ...You will not believe what its made from!

By Bikini Mum 1 years ago No comments

Stay in and create your own pizza. Try making your own cauliflower crust as a base for your toppings for a different but still-delicious flavour but without the guilt!

What you didnt know about Coconut Oil

By Bikini Mum 1 years ago No comments

I once read somewhere that every woman should have 3 jars of coconut oil in their house... one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom :-)......

Meet Christina... Brain Shifter, design thinker + disrupter!

By Bikini Mum 2 years ago No comments

One of Newcastle’s most beautifully innovative minds and authority on Brain Shifting, design thinking and disrupting the status quo...

Green Smoothies for the Family - Great for your bod, inside and out!

By Bikini Mum 2 years ago No comments

Here's a super easy , simple and fool proof way to keep your insides cleaner and feel like your fuelling your beautiful body rather than filling it full of, well, fillers that don't do much at all........


By Helen Nicola 2 years ago No comments

I am mum to 3 little girls.... and one of the joys of having girls, be it daughters, granddaughters, nieces or friends children is the joy and sheer magic that the thought or idea of real mermaids brings. A trip to the beach isn’t complete unless my daughters ‘see’ a mermaid swimming far off in the ocean ..........