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Holidaying with kids...we've got you covered with these awesome tips.

Holidaying with kids...we've got you covered with these awesome tips.
By Kiera 11 months ago No comments

Lets not pretend... getting away with the family can be stressful! We all imagine the perfect relaxing family holiday but sometimes reality can be much much different. If you take a minute to plan ahead and organise, you will no doubt have time to yourself to relax.

When travelling with young children, family holidays are often focused on kid-friendly alternatives and accommodating to their needs – like theme parks or baby pools. Every now and then it’s good to treat yourself, so we’ve done some research (as well as some hands on experience) to bring you some tips on how to take a relaxing holiday – with family included.

  1. Make a checklist and holiday schedule. Whether it’s what to pack, where you’re going, how much things will cost, it will alleviate the stress during the holiday as you will have preplanned, and will help figure out your budget. You can even make it look and read ‘kid friendly’ so the kiddies are engaged and you don’t have to answer 100 questions about what you’re doing tomorrow, or the next day, or the next
  2. Keep the kids occupied. Whether you’re travelling by plane, train, boat, or car, when kids are confined to small spaces they more often than not want to break free. When they are unable to is usually when the tears and tantrums begin. Stock up before your trip with coloring or puzzle books that can easily be stored away, or download movies or games to a portable device. Take a Turkish towel rolled up with you while travelling – it’s not just to use poolside when you get to your destination but they are invaluable to throw over sleeping children on a plane or on a car trip while sleeping or to cover your shoulders in the air conditioning. They are also super handy if you have stopovers or car rest breaks and want to sit at public facilities.
  3. Keep some snacks on standby. This applies to both travelling and during your holiday, as kids don’t recognise the “hangry” state, and most of the time food helps calm them down (and maybe even help them nap). Healthy snacks like fruit, rice cakes or healthy muesli bars are easy to carry around, and they don’t produce a sugar high. When you’re packing make sure you add zip lock bags or containers to your list, this will allow you to store extra food without having to throw it away.
  4. Mini first aid kit- another addition to your packing essentials. If kids are going to hurt themselves its usually when they’re on holidays. If you have bandaids, antiseptic cream, and some fast pain relief on stand-by you will be able to tend to their injuries faster… Maybe keep a bottle of “magic water” in the kit too, you never know when it may come in handy. Pack a great sunscreen, this can be worth its weight in gold as nobody likes the sting of a sunburn from cheap supermarket cream that rubbed off too quickly. Spend a couple of extra dollars if you can to get a cosmetic grade cream that stays on, feels moisturizing and smells great.
  5. Allocate some grown up time. Often travel destinations have kids clubs that keeps them busy throughout the day, where they may do some arts and craft or have a movie marathon. Either way, if you want some relaxation time during your holiday, organise the kids in these activities as soon as you get there – even incorporate it into their holiday schedule. Because let’s face it, your kids love you but they would thrive spending time with other kids having fun too.

Family holidays are meant to be fun for everyone, and while it can be stressful travelling with kids, it shouldn’t dampen a great holiday away. You use a schedule to organise your home and work life, making sure the kids get to school, sport training and dancing, and then you get yourself to work, do the washing, grocery shopping + take care of your home. You can still be supermum on holidays AND be able to relax, all you need is some simple prep and you’ll be unpacking your bikini, throwing on a spunky kaftan + racing to sit by the pool in no time!