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Stylish Bohemian Umbrellas
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When the summer turns up the heat and the beach is the natural choice, your go to summer essential is the must have beach umbrella. 

For years we have been tollerant of random styles in blue and white stripes, coloured panels or logo'd freebies, but this year I wouldnt be seen under anything other than one of these stunning boho shade makers. 

With a young family or just with a group of girlfriends, these Salty Shadows Umbrellas mean more time at the beach in summer,  the kids can have a nap in the shade and you can relax knowing you can be protected from the harsh Australian sun through out the day. 

Not to mention they look amazing too and will be a stand out on the beach. 

SAlty Shadows Umbrella Designs

With UPF 50 + you can have piece of mind that they will keep you cooler and they also have a tilting head for when the sun shifts throughout the day. 

They are lightweight at only 2.2 kilos, cover an enormous 1.8 meters in diameter and the centre pole is made from sturdy and strong steel.

Salty Shadows Umbrellas on the beach

They are definitly a go to gift for anyone who loves summer , and with propper care they should have you shaded year on year. 

They come in a cute oversized bag with matching printed straps so no more struggles trying to fit a huge umbrella into a tiny sack. 

These were a sell out last year in record time, so dont leave it to secure yours now by heading into Carla Swimwear stores and picking up yours, laybying it now or use ZipPay and split your payments up over time whilst enjoying taking home and using your umbrella. 

MAke sure you grab your Salty Shadows Printed beach umbrella today