Opa Designs

Who says you don’t have to wear jewellery on the beach or by the pool? Opa Designs brings fun and fashion to wearing jewellery in the sun! Opa Designs jewellery is designed for people who feel naked without their jewellery no matter where they go.

Bright sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold look radiant in any setting. Opa Designs combines these brilliant metals to create some of the most beautiful and versatile pieces of jewellery you will ever own. Many pieces reflect the beauty of the Greek Evil Eye and the protector. The simplicity of the designs and the continuity in spiritual themes makes Opa Designs jewellery ideal for layering to achieve the popular Boho look.

It’s no wonder some of the top models and fashion experts in the world rock Opa Designs! When the women who can wear any jewellery they want choose Opa, that says a lot about the designs. Carla Swimwear is happy to offer the newest additions to the Opa Designs collection to coordinate with all your favourite looks. No matter how hectic your day, you can count on your jewellery to take you from morning to night. Every piece you put on looks just as cool poolside as it does at work or your late night event.

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