Reef footwear is designed for the person who lives the surfer lifestyle. Created by brother entrepreneurs who share the love of surf travel and adventure, the name of “Reef” has gained recognition as a global leader in surf lifestyle footwear. Carla Swimwear is happy to bring Reef footwear with its contoured footbed crafted with soft cushion rubber and unparalleled arch support along with superior strap strength to Australia as the perfect companion to your beachwear. All our Reef thongs and sandals are 100% PVC Free!

Open-toe footwear is as necessary to beachwear as sand is to the beach! It’s all about the passion you have for living life to its fullest and always being ready for the next big adventure. You never know where the road will take you but you always have the right shoes on for the trip!

You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the feeling of freedom and comfort that comes from wearing Reef footwear. If you are a true adventurer at heart or you just love the time you spend with nature, the right footwear matters.

Check out the PVC free styles Carla Swimwear brings to your wardrobe. We want to be socially conscience and health conscious, that's why we choose Reef as our preferred footwear brand. We help encourage the journey of discovery that started the Reef tradition and share the opportunity to enjoy some really uber choices in Reef footwear with Australia. We know we have the perfect style for your next adventure.

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