Suit Saver

You know that repeated exposure to chlorine isn’t good for your hair or skin. It also causes your swimwear to fade and break down, making it lose its shape and colour. Sometimes the worst thing is the lingering smell of chlorine that follows your swimwear wherever it goes. Now you can preserve your swimwear a little longer with Suit Saver chlorine remover.

One bottle of Suit Saver can protect your swimwear investment for a long time. It preserves colour, removes chlorine, and gets rid of chlorine odour. Just add to water as instructed and immerse your swimwear. Rinse and dry for chlorine-free swimwear after you go swimming in the pool.

Each bottle of Suit Saver does about fifty washes. It’s the next best thing to buying a chlorine-resistant swimsuit and it even works on all types of material. Best of all, Suit Saver chlorine remover contains no harsh chemicals, is water-based, and contains no detergents, dyes, or perfumes that will only cover the odour of chlorine. It does the job of extending the life of your swimwear without irritating it or your skin.

Order your bottle of Suit Saver with your swimwear order and start protecting your new investment from the harsh effects of chlorine. It’s the only thing you need to keep it looking and feeling its best for a long time.

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