Turkish Murkish

You wouldn’t think of going to the pool or beach without a big absorbent towel or blanket, would you? Once you try Turkish Murkish towels and blankets, no other type will do. Unlike other brands of Turkish towels, theirs are not treated with chemicals. Instead, they loom the cotton raw. These towels are made with shorter fibres so they dry faster than towels made from Egyptian cotton. They are the perfect blend of softness and absorbency for anyone who spends a lot of time in the water.

The same Turkish Murkish product that you use as a towel works great as a Turkish blanket. Spread it over the sand for the perfect beach blanket! You can even tie your Turkish towel around you after getting out of the water and wear as a cover up for your swimwear.

Turkish Murkish makes luxurious items that honor the traditional fibers and methods used in Turkey. Many people prefer the natural looming method to produce a chemical-free towel that is safe against their skin. It also feels better because it dries quickly and doesn’t hold sand that you would otherwise end up rubbing on your skin!

A Turkish towel from Turkish Murkish is the ultimate luxury for you. Don’t go to the pool or beach without it!

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