BOUND by BondEye Swimwear

Our collection of styles from Bound by Bondeye is glamour incarnate. The sultry swimwear from this Aussie brand uses MAXXAM® fabric, which hails from the UK, a magically stretchy material that moulds to your figure. It has an alluring raised texture but gorgeous matt look. And the result when using it to craft Bound by Bondeye swimwear? Sensual, form-skimming designs that are long lasting without sagging.

Low necklines and high cuts define this collection, helping you to feel sleek on the beach. We also love the colourful pieces across the range, which are inspired by retro fashion but given a 21st-century look with details like plunge necks, super low backs and luscious lacing across the chest. Keep an eye out for silhouettes in several different colours so you can pick up your favourite style several times over. All you need to complete the outfit is a pair of skinny strap sandals and some A-list worthy mirrored shades. A glowing tan and a slick of red lipstick won't go amiss, either.

For a show-stopping look, your Bound by Bondeye Australia swimsuit will work as hard posing on the sand as you do.

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