Chlorine Pools

"I Wear My Swimsuit Often in Highly Chlorinated Pools"

Chlorine resistant swimmers are recommended for swim training, aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy or any regular use in chlorinated pools. Regular lycra swimmers (most fashion swimsuits) are likely to deteriorate in high levels of chlorine and neither the manufacturers nor Carla Swimwear will replace a swimmer due to chlorine deterioration.

Classic signs of chlorine deterioration could be:

  • thinning of the lycra fabric
  • visiable broken elastane thread
  • sagging of any fabric draping or loosening around the legs, straps or armholes
  • excessive stretching of the fabric
  • a smell of chemical from the chlorine

If you have purchased a new and unworn Lycra swimmer and feel that you may need chlorine resistant swimmers instead, please visit our Returns & Exchanges help section for a Returns / Exchanges form.

Suit Saver & Pool Wash 

We recommend using a solution in water when rinsing to remove the chlorine from your swimsuit. We find these products work extremely well, work instantly and are very cost effective. They can be found in our store with other accessories under ‘lotions and oils’.